Deus' Anus

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Deus' Anus
Deus' Anus
An artists rendition of Deus' Anus by local artist Arturo Ilisástigui
TypeNatural phenomenon
Situated inRockstead

Deus' Anus is an active stratovolcano on the east coast of the Island, situated in Rockstead. It's the tallest peak and only active volcano on the island, though its height varies with summit eruptions. Over a six-month period in 2021, it erupted so much volcanic material that its height increased by approximately 100 feet. It sits in the Wasa Wasa Mountains region which formed because of some tectonic plate magic taking place here. We're no plate tectonic specialists, so just take our word for it. The fertile volcanic soil supports extensive agriculture, which is what most of Rothlein Farm takes advantage of. The dry side of the volcano slowly transitions into The Badlands region of the island. The constant barrage of eruptions consistently covers the White Powder Forest in ashes. Due to its history of recent activity and nearby population the volcano is marked as a dangerous place to visit. However, tourists still want to hike up there to gaze down its caldera.

Etymology and folklore

One view behind the naming of this place is that the word Anus comes from the Latin word for an old woman. Deus probably references some kind of male deity. Therefore it is frequently theorized that the early people settling the area probably thought each eruption meant that said diety was mad at his mom for not being allowed to go hang out at the skate park with his friends. It happens, but what can you do about these hormonal teenagers, huh? An alternative meaning has something to do with said diety eating a whole lot of spicy food. Let's not get caught up on the nitty, gritty details of that.

The area around the volcano has also spawned a lot of folklore. The sharp rocks and overly volcanic landscape are said to be the home of all kinds of creatures ranging from trolls to fairies. Despite the inhospitable environment, a small community of mythical creatures made their home in the shadows of Deus' Anus. These little creatures, known as the Analuii, were a curious and playful bunch, with mischievous grins and bright, shining eyes. The Analuii were said to be descendants of the volcano itself, born from the ash and smoke that rose from its depths. They were known for their cunning and quick wits, always finding new and creative ways to survive in the harsh volcanic land.

One day, a group of wary travelers stumbled upon the Analuii, and were immediately enchanted by their playful nature. The travelers stayed for a while, learning about the Analuii and their way of life, and even joining in on their fun and games. But the travelers inevitably had to leave. As the travelers journeyed away, they could see the mighty Deus' Anus in the distance, belching smoke and fire into the sky. The Analuii continued to thrive in their volcanic land, always watching over Deus' Anus and protecting it from harm. And though their home may have been dangerous and unforgiving, the Analuii were happy and content in the shadow of their beloved volcano.

According to legend, crawling down into these the volcanic crevices in the landscape would lead to a whole underground kingdom of these weird and wonderful beings. Some people have tried but came back horribly scarred from scraping past all the sharp rocks, or got second-degree burns because the underground temperature isn't very fun for humans to endure.

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