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Every Pixltonian needs a means of transportation. In an effort to overthrow the local government, Carl has sourced a bunch of cars for Pixltonians to aid him in a coupe attempt. Unfortunately, most of the cars broke down before they even reached the town. Regardless, these beautiful classics are worth getting your hands on, even if only for a piece of local history.

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A collection of 5471 NFTs inhabiting the town of Pixlton

Pixlton is a completely digital town situated in the open metaverse. While their world is happy and colorful on the surface, they're actually full of weird, awkward, dark tendencies. Play, explore, and socialize using your avatars across a multitude of metaverses.

Started out of a love for pixelart, these characters have been carefully crafted in the nostalgic style of the video games of the past. They are one big dysfunctional community in the digital world. With their own backstories, traits and personalities they truly are all unique inhabitants of the little town of Pixlton on the blockchain.

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  • ✅ Genesis Pixltonians Release

    The release of the original set of Pixltonians. Your ticket to everything Pixlton related moving forward. A set of 5471 bouncing pixel art characters, each with their own little personality and quirks.

  • ✅ The Explorer

    A custom-built experience allowing you to explore all the inhabitants of Pixlton. A dynamic search allows you to dive deeper into these awkward buggers and their traits and relationships. Further provides insights into OpenSea sales data, ownership records and general rarity information of traits.

  • ✅ The PIC

    A mysterious photo booth has popped up in the town square! Get your own custom Pixlton avatars and banners using our Pixlton Identity Creator! Use some of our custom backgrounds and simply drag your Pixltonians onto the canvas to start representing Pixlton on your socials!

  • ✅ Pixlton Car Club Launch

    Carl is mounting an invasion of the town! He has brought along a bunch of cars for willing participants to use in the attack. Being the dim-witted chicken he is he might not have realized that Pixlton doesn't really have an infrastructure to support cars though. Freely claimable at a 1:1 ratio for Genesis Pixltonians owners, these cars are just as awkward and quirky as the Pixltonians driving them. After the claim period a public sale will be held for the remainder.

  • ✅ Worldwide Webb Integration

    A custom Worldwide Webb-enabled avatar of your Genesis Pixltonians. We have fully integrated playable avatars on Worldwide Webb, consisting of complete purpose-built animation. Simply holding a Genesis Pixl will make it playable in Worldwide Webb, zero effort required from your side! We will also be releasing the spritesheets with the appropriate walking animations to our holders soon. This enables our holders to use them for their own pixelart animation-based projects too!

  • ✅ One Year Anniversary Celebration

    Celebrating what has happened in the past year and will be happening in the future! Birthday gifts for holders, various activities and collaborations. You simply had to be there to witness it!

  • Pixlton Peeps Launch

    Get a custom playable Metaverse-enabled avatar of your Genesis Pixltonians. We are currently in the process of integrating these as playable avatars into The Sandbox game. Freely claimable for Genesis holders at a 1:1 ratio.

  • Tales of Pixlton Experiences

    Various experiences being built in The Sandbox allow you to use your 3D avatar to explore Pixlton and its surroundings. Pixlton itself will be our community hub where Pixltonian holders can meet up and explore together. It will also be where all our community events will be held. Additional experiences will explore other areas and include various single-player game experiences.


How do I get started?

Before you can buy an NFT, you will need to set up a crypto wallet like MetaMask or the Coinbase wallet. After purchasing some Ether you can proceed to OpenSea, or any other NFT marketplace, and purchase any Pixltonian your heart desires.

Where do I buy one?

Right now, Pixltonians are only available on the second-hand market through any NFT platform like OpenSea, X2Y2 or LooksRare. The initial sale was completed in March 2021.

How about licensing?

You have full ownership and commercial usage rights on your Pixltonians. This includes, but is not limited to e.g. printing them for displaying them in the physical world. If you do decide to do something cool with it, don't hesitate to reach out to us on Twitter to show off your handywork!

Can I trade my Pixltonians?

Yes, you can! We adhere to the ERC-721 standard, so they can be traded publicly on platforms such as OpenSea. Alternatively you can check out our NFTX vault. Do make sure you're buying only Pixltonians that are contained within the verified collection! These are the only verifiably legitimate Pixltonians.

What about the rarity of my NFTs?

Every Pixltonian has a list of public attributes, but can also contain some hidden attributes. Some of these are visual in nature, some are hidden in their character traits and biographies. Our explorer on this website lets you freely browse through them based on their attributes and rarities. We are also on some external platforms that track rarity, such as our partner NFT Tools!

Where can I use my Pixltonian?

Currently we have support for The Sandbox, Worldwide Webb, Tollan Worlds, and Turf.

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The team

As kids of the 80s and early 90s we grew up on graphics consisting of tiny little squares. In modern video games these kinds of graphics would scare people. But, even though they were just squares, the amount of creativity game developers managed to squeeze out of them back in the day is impressive. A few correctly placed squares conveyed all kinds of emotions. There’s a reason that a lot of these games are still considered classics in their own right, being remastered over the years to inspire new generations of people just like us.

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