World's Biggest Navel Fluff

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World's Biggest Navel Fluff
World's Biggest Navel Fluff
An artists rendition of the World's Biggest Navel Fluff by local artist Arturo Ilisástigui
Started in1967
Situated inThe Uplands

The World's Biggest Navel Fluff is a landmark, situated in Pollard's Cove in The Uplands. First started in 1967, in honor of the World's Fair, this monument consists of over 60 years worth of navel fluffs. This makes the construction of the landmark span across multiple generations of islanders. The landmark is modeled after what's being done in Pollard's Cove's sister city; the otherwise unassuming town of Casey, Illinois. It's home to a number of the world’s largest things. Their odd collection of giant objects includes a giant golf tee, wind chime, knitting needles, mailbox, birdcage, and rocking chair. While those all sound fun, the people of Pollard's Cove decided to do something truly unique and different.


While originally built to last, harsh weather conditions and tourists take their toll on the monument. Tourists typically pluck pieces from the fluff to commemorate their visit. Because of this, inhabitants of Pollard's Cove are asked to donate new fluff every month. The monthly bags of fluff are gathered by dedicated workers doing the rounds, known as fluffers. The size of the fluff regularly fluctuates because of this. However, the record remains with Pollard's Cove given that no one else in the world is doing this.

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