Holly Harbor

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Holly Harbor
Holly Harbor
An artists rendition of a part of Holly Harbor by local artist Arturo Ilisástigui
Situated inHolly Shores

Holly Harbor is the island's biggest harbor, situated in Holly Shores. Its strategic location near the P.E.C.K. facilities allows for a constant stream of cargo moving through from the import and export of goods. Another big player who uses the harbor is the SFC Factories near Fowl's End. Smaller barges transport boxes full of nuggets and chicken fingers to the harbor, from which they are subsequently transported off-island. This is typically an arduous journey, given that Holly Harbor is situated dangerously close to areas considered to be mainly inhabited by Cluck'thulians.

The main benefector

The harbor has one benefactor who invested more than anyone else into making this place a reality. Wealthy AF playboy Olivier LeDéfoncé has poured millions into developing the harbor infrastructure. A whole section of the harbor is dedicated to containers marked for his private use. Exactly what it is that he's shipping all over the globe isn't known. Shareholders aren't informed of this, and it doesn't show up in the yearly reports. Given the amount of money being poured in this is typically swept under the rug and condoned.

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