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An artists rendition of Greg by local artist Arturo Ilisástigui
Lives inThe Colony
Originally fromUnknown
Born in1972

Greg, also known as "The Grand Poobah" of The Colony, is the founder and leader of a community of conspiracy theorists located in a remote area of The Southern Tip. Born in 1972, Greg developed a fascination with conspiracy theories at a young age. He spent his teenage years devouring books and websites about various conspiracies, from JFK's assassination to the existence of aliens.

After graduating high school, Greg decided to pursue his passion and founded The Colony in 2012. The community, which now has over 100 members, is known for their strict adherence to conspiracy theories and their isolation from mainstream society. Greg is known for his erratic behavior and intense beliefs, often leading to confrontations with outsiders who do not share his views. He has been arrested multiple times for disturbing the peace and harassment, but always manages to avoid any significant consequences due to his devoted followers. Despite his questionable actions and beliefs, Greg remains the undisputed leader of The Colony, ruling with an iron fist and refusing to entertain any dissenting opinions. His ultimate goal is to uncover the "truth" about various conspiracies and bring about a revolution against the supposed "powers that be." Some have called Greg a delusional madman, while others view him as a visionary fighting against the forces of oppression. Either way, his influence and presence in The Colony continue to be a source of mystery and intrigue.

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