Barknor Fort Ruins

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Barknor Fort Ruins
Barknor Fort Ruins
An artists rendition of Barknor Fort Ruins by local artist Arturo Ilisástigui
TypeHistoric building
Established in1155
Situated inEast Bushington

Barknor Fort Ruins is an old, ruined castle and archeological site in East Bushington. It is unique in the area in that it is the only castle in the country built on a hill. It's also the only castle on the entire island to begin with, so 1:1, would mint. In the year 1155, fortifications were erected at the site by Goswin the Grand. The castle was originally constructed using earthworks and wooden palisades, but was later reinforced with stone walls and towers. It was surrounded by a moat and had several drawbridges to protect against intruders. The totally original wooden keep (definitely not copied from some other castle) survived until 1156 when it was destroyed under siege by Farknard the Dandy. It was rebuilt in the centuries that followed but again destroyed in a siege, this time by Rudolph the Bearded.

The downfall

The castle suffered heavily in the first Chicken vs. Tuna war of 1338 as it wasn't built to withstand a whole lot of firepower. Because of it, the castle was left in a state of disrepair with its once so magnificent towers now collapsed and its roofs burned to ashes. New parts have been continuously built upon the existing ones, making it somewhat of a Frankenstein's monster of a castle. An example of this is the current main dining hall, which was built atop the toilets of its previous incarnation. No one particularly liked that architectural decision and the castle was eventually abandoned in the early 1700s. Climate change was subsequently used by invading forces to drown a significant part of the castle in the later years of its existance. This effectively rendered it useless as a defensive position. Except maybe to fend off attacking mackerels.


In the early 20th century, Barknor Fort was partially restored and opened to the public as a historical site. However, as the builders got lazy it still sits in shambles to this day. Regardless of its current state, it is a popular tourist attraction, known for its impressive architecture and rich history. Despite its turbulent past, Barknor Fort remains a symbol of Pixlton's rich history and cultural heritage. It continues to draw visitors from around the world who are interested in learning more about the castle's storied past.

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